Path Pedaler is a "BairBones" Production


Dan Harmon (Creator-Director-Camera Operator): Path Pedaler is the dream-child of Dan Harmon. Dan is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades! Dan has worked as a machinist; he owns and operates Harmon Hardwoods, a custom cabinet shop; and he has worked in the music business for about thirty years. This type of production is very new to Dan, so, he enlisted the help of some knowledgeable friends and Path Pedaler was born. Dan has stepped into the roll of director and camera operator, both of which he finds challenging and exciting.



Mary Jo Monte (Host & Writer):
Mary Jo Monte first got the cycling bug as a teenager, after watching the movie Breaking Away, about a recent high school graduate obsessed with the Italian racing team. Though not a racer, Mary Jo loves the freedom of riding, the great outdoors, and getting some exercise.

Mary Jo works as a real estate investor in New Philadelphia, Ohio. She races canoes and kayaks in her spare time and loves hiking with her husband Michael. Mary Jo is grateful for the chance to combine her love for cycling and travelling. "What a great opportunity this is to showcase America's bike trails and to explore America one mile at a time!".



Gary "Bones" Bonam (Audio Video Editor-Music-Camera Operator): Bones Bonam has been a professional musician since 1964. His first experience as a studio engineer/musician was in 1973. He started as a video editor in 1985 with Henry J. Productions and work at Channel 67 in Cleveland. Bones has worked with various musical acts -- too many to count! He has sat in with people like Lonnie Mack (The Wham Man), who was one of Stevie Ray Vaughn's friends and favorites. Bones worked with Lonnie's brother, Billy, for several years, way back when! He has been working with Bruce Uher at MultiMedia-Interactive for the last 15 years on videos for people like Charlie Daniels and Confederate Railroad.


Bruce Uher (Website): Founder and owner, of MultiMedia-Interactive is a pioneer in the interactive business and started the business back in 1985 creating marketing materials for small businesses, corporations and major country and rock artists. This was back in an age where the computer revolution was just in its beginning stages and a thing called the internet wasn't even introduced to the general public. He started programming computers at the age of twelve when he had and Atari game and was fascinated by the games and wanted to figure out how to create them. He started on a Tandy Model 1 which was the first computer Radio Shack ever sold. This was back in the day where you just didn't go to the store and buy software you had to write it. As time passed he moved up through the different models of Tandy computers including the Color Computer and programmed the OS9 Operating System which NASA still uses today. He bought his first IBM Compatible PC that came on the market and the computer world was about to change.

He graduated from Coshocton High School in Coshocton, Ohio where he was fortunate to have a school that had it's own TV studio. This is where he got his start in video production. Bruce still operates his multimedia business with clients like legendary music artist Charlie Daniels and several other major country and rock artists including corporations such as Post Cereal, Bath & Body Works, Del Monte, Google, and many more.