C&D Canal/Ben Cardin/Michael Castle Trail - Path Pedaler Episode 7

In this episode of Path Pedaler Mary Jo will be exploring the C&D Canal trail from Chesapeake City, Maryland to Delaware City, Delaware. She will start her adventure at the C&D Canal Museum where she talks to Joe Pintal a engineering supervisor with the US Army Corp of Engineers. Then Mary Jo takes in the sights of Chesapeake City and spends the night at Doc Smithers Bed & Breakfast. After a good nights sleep she catches the ferry at Chesapeake City Water Tours to the other side of the canal where the trail begins. For the first 2 miles of her ride while in Maryland the trail is the Ben Cardin Trail then once she enter Delaware it changes to the Michael Castle Trail. It is a beautiful ride as it follows right beside the water most of the way. You will see several impressive bridges and ride through the Summit North Marina on the trip. Once Mary Jo reaches Delaware City she will stop and see Kerry Rhoades at Forged Creations, where he makes her a leaf hook and talks about the art of being a blacksmith. Next stop, Fort Delaware! Here she talks with Jake Miller the Interpretive Programs Manger and he explains all the things to see at Fort Delaware. After a quick trip out to Pea Patch Island where the fort is located Mary Jo Finishes up her day at Kathy's Crab House for some delicious crab cakes.